Contractor Selection

Partnering with a contractor who fits your needs is a crucial part of the process.  We partner with a select group of contractors that align with our values, are qualified for your project, and can provide you with the result you desire.  Contractors can be brought onto the team early in the design process or they can be invited to submit bids for the project once construction documents are complete.  Regardless of which method you choose, we will walk you through the process to select the appropriate contractor based on your needs and to ensure the best value for your project.

Construction Observation

Once the construction begins, your project is moving from a dream to a reality and we will continue to be involved with your project throughout the construction phase.  Through construction observation we can implement our extensive construction knowledge and experience to help provide a smooth transition from the design phase to the completed project.

Communication at this phase is essential for a successful project and we will act as the liaison between you and the contractor during construction.  We will answer questions as they arise and we will perform regular site visits to determine if the construction is progressing as planned.  If any changes occur during construction, we will work closely with you and the contractor to help make the best decision possible based on the situation.

Photo by pia_ch/iStock / Getty Images