Conceptual Design

Based on the existing conditions and notes from the meet + greet, we will prepare a project scope that will identify the spaces and areas related to the project.  We will take measurements of your home as they relate to the project and create as-built drawings which will form the foundation of the project.  We will then create preliminary design options based on the specific project scope and individual requirements.  We will meet to review the design. sketch out new ideas and make revisions as necessary.  This initial design phase will also help to begin obtaining preliminary budget estimates.

Design Development  |  Final Design

In this phase we will refine the conceptual design, aligning it with your specific needs and tastes.  Based on the revised conceptual design, we will complete more detailed drawings to further define the scope, scale, and character of the project.  The final architectural drawings will include floor plans, building sections, elevations, kitchen + bath design, and electrical + lighting plans.  At this time, we will also select interior and exterior products and finishes related to the project.

Construction Documents

Construction drawings will be completed based on the approved design development drawings.  These drawings will specify, dimension, and detail the site and building for construction and will also include all structural framing plans and details.  The drawings will instruct the builder so they can build the project the way it was intended.  These drawings will be used to obtain building permits, as well as by lenders to provide financing, if applicable.

Photo by varandah/iStock / Getty Images